Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Legal disputes are sometimes inevitable. When you find yourself embroiled in such a dispute, or believe that you or your business is on the brink, you need more than someone vaguely familiar with the process to guide you to resolution; you need someone who has been there before, someone who understands the various pressures you and/or your business face, someone who appreciates the importance of protecting your bottom line and has the experience to provide that protection.

There are firms that offer a one-size-fits-all approach; Kelly | Dorsey isn’t one of them. The experienced attorneys at Kelly | Dorsey delve deeply into the facts and issues that gave rise to our clients’ disputes to develop, discern, then implement the most effective case management strategies. We work closely with our clients to understand their motives, objectives, and financial resources and constraints so that we can lead them from point A to point B in the litigation process as efficiently as possible.

The attorneys at Kelly | Dorsey understand that the outcome of a legal dispute may have the potential to bankrupt a client or force a business to close its doors. The dispute may threaten the very existence of a company, challenge an ongoing business relationship, or present an important point of principal. For an individual, his or her pride and dignity may be at stake, and a family’s economy may be in danger of collapse. These factors play a large role in developing a strategy and course of action, and inspires Kelly | Dorsey to advance and defend its clients’ rights voraciously and with unparalleled loyalty. We understand that our clients’ legal matters are often stressful, all-consuming, and anxiety-producing. We temper the stress and anxiety by bringing our talents and experience to bear, allowing our clients to rest assured that their legal matters are in the hands of skilled litigators and trusted advisors.

When legal disputes escalate to litigation, the attorneys at Kelly | Dorsey apply their experience and know-how to litigating cases before state and federal courts, as well as administrative agencies. Because Kelly | Dorsey attorneys represent individuals and industry leaders in the automotive, environmental, franchise, health care, food service, and technology industries, our attorneys have a breadth of litigation experience including matters concerning:

Corporate stockholder and limited liability company member disputes.

Fair value and corporate dissolution claims.

Partnership fiduciary and termination claims.

Contract litigation and commercial tort claims, including breach of contract, lost profits, public contract, supply and requirements claims.

Restrictive covenant litigation including breach of non-competition and non-solicitation claims.

Unfair competition litigation and related commercial disputes.

Protection and defense of intellectual property.

Business defamation.

State contractor claims and protests.

Environmental contamination.

Malicious prosecution claims.

Employment and discrimination litigation, including race discrimination in violation of Section 1981, violation of Fair Labor Standards Act, and violation of wage payment laws.

Trust fiduciary litigation, including violation of the Uniform Prudent Investor Act, breach of trustee duties in the administration of family trusts, and claims arising out of the disposition of estate administration.

Personal injury and health care litigation.

Landlord/tenant including breach of lease.

Declaratory and injunctive relief litigation, including temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunctions, permanent injunctions, and writ of mandamus claims.

Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act (CAFRA) claims and defenses.

Real Estate and Property disputes.

Local counsel litigation services.

Not all legal disputes result in litigation; indeed, there are times when disputes can, or must, be resolved using alternative dispute resolution. The attorneys at Kelly | Dorsey have extensive experience representing clients in negotiation, arbitration, and mediation. Our attorneys have negotiated, arbitrated, and mediated complex commercial and business disputes, employment-related disputes, health care disputes, and personal injury claims. In addition to engaging in alternative dispute resolution as an advocate, Kelly | Dorsey attorney Gregory Dorsey also serves as a court-appointed mediator for the Circuit Court for Carroll County and has served as a mediator in scores of disputed cases.

Whether you have a claim or have been sued, the attorneys at Kelly | Dorsey provide complete, professional, and personalized litigation services that afford clients the ability to deal squarely with the dispute at hand while protecting and advancing their overall interests.

Business and Litigation Practice Groups Chair