Civil Tax Litigation

With the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”), as in life, most disputes may be resolved amicably and without going to court. Unfortunately, there are always those cases which require more effort, skill, and finesse. If you or your business is unable to resolve a tax dispute with the IRS, or you are unhappy with a decision you have received from the IRS, you require an attorney with the knowledge-base, experience, and skill to bring your case to resolution in an effective manner while achieving optimum results. The attorneys at Kelly | Dorsey have considerable litigation experience and an intimate knowledge of the process; we will doggedly represent, assert, and defend your rights without end to achieve your goals and bring you success.

Over the years our attorneys have had the opportunity to litigate, negotiate, and resolve countless civil tax matters; allow our seasoned attorneys to leverage their acumen and skill in efficaciously achieving the results you desire.


Tax Controversy and Criminal Tax Defense Practice Groups Chair