IRS Audits

Learning that the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) intends to audit you or your business comes as a shock to many, and for the uninitiated the process may be fraught with potential pitfalls, dangers, and unintended consequences. Skilled, experienced, and efficacious representation is essential for the taxpayer looking to undergo an audit with minimal headaches while realizing maximum positive results. The attorneys at Kelly | Dorsey, who include former IRS agents with detailed, behind-the-scenes knowledge, possess a thorough, tried-and-true understanding of the process, and will do everything in their power to guide you through your audit in as painless a manner as possible while vigorously and voraciously defending your rights.

The expansive authority afforded to Revenue Agents permits the IRS to gain access to your most private financial data, and it is imperative that you have an experienced advocate at your side to ensure your protection from harassment and over-reaching. The attorneys at Kelly | Dorsey will guide you through each and every step of the process—from reviewing your financial records, to representing you before the IRS, to appealing any negative decisions. Kelly | Dorsey is here to help you, just as we have helped countless others through this often arduous and complicated procedure. Our vast experience includes:

Unreported Income

Civil Fraud Penalty


Partnership Issues

Disallowed Business Expenses

Real Estate Transactions

Characterization of Income

Abusive Trust Arrangements

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