IRS Collection Cases

The Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) has a well-earned reputation for aggressively and voraciously seeking to collect money it believes is due. If you or your business are experiencing the IRS’s commanding collection powers, or believe that the exercise of such powers is imminent, you need an attorney now. The attorneys at Kelly | Dorsey have worked at the IRS and have a detailed understanding of the motivations and intentions of IRS agents in pursuing and collecting monies from taxpayers. A skilled and accomplished Kelly | Dorsey attorney at your side will work tirelessly to cease collection activity or bring the situation under control; we will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive and thorough strategy to resolve your tax issues and ease your woes.

Fortunately, there are myriad procedural devices at our disposal that we are able to employ to bring you optimal results without your sinking further into debt or despair. Let the experienced attorneys at Kelly | Dorsey leverage their years of experience and considerable industry knowledge to bring your case to resolution.

Our previous IRS collection cases include:

Offers in Compromise

Due Process Appeals

Levy Releases

Innocent Spouse Claims

Fraudulent Conveyances

Estimated (SFR) Tax Assessments

Lien Releases

Expired Collection Statutes

Installment Agreements

Improper Levy/Seizure Action

High Income Non-Filers

Penalty and Interest Abatements

Subordinations/Discharges of Tax Liens

Trust Fund Recovery

Penalty Assessments

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