Criminal Tax Defense

In addition to performing audits and pursuing collection actions, the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) has the ability to investigate and refer your case for criminal prosecution. You or your business may come under scrutiny for a number of reasons, including the failure to pay employment taxes, unreported income, inflated deductions, fraudulent Offer in Compromise submissions, offshore accounts, or suspicious tax return preparer activity. Regardless of the reason you find yourself under investigation, skilled and experienced representation is imperative.

The attorneys at Kelly | Dorsey have a detailed, behind-the-scenes knowledge of the motives, intentions, and priorities of the IRS’s criminal investigation division and bring that knowledge to bear in anticipating the IRS’s or U.S. Attorney’s next move and vigorously defending your rights. Our attorneys have the expertise and know-how to protect you or your business in the investigative and litigation phases. Let the attorneys at Kelly | Dorsey work with you to help ensure that your rights are protected, your interests are best-served, and your short- and long-term goals are met.
Our criminal tax experience includes the following issues:

Tax Evasion

Willful Failure to File

Money Laundering

Structuring of Financial Transactions

Obstruction of the IRS

Unreported Income

False Statements on Tax Return

Tax Return Preparers

Laundering Narcotics Proceeds

Plea Agreements

5K1 Departures

Voluntary Disclosures

Inflated Expenses/Deductions

Tax Loss Calculations

Tax Controversy and Criminal Tax Defense Practice Groups Chair