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Navigating TITLE VII of the Civil Rights Act as an Employer

By: Jordan Curet• Recently, the Supreme Court has been putting employers on notice: they are watching and they do not like what they see. In particular, two cases have dealt with discrimination in the employment process, one tied to hiring and another to leave benefits. In both, the employee prevailed because the Court believed the

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Tax Amnesty On The Horizon in Maryland?

By: Jerry Kelly • Both the Maryland House and Senate recently passed a bill authorizing a tax amnesty program for 2015. While it has not passed the desk of Governor Larry Hogan yet, there is no indication of any opposition from the Governor. Each of the three prior state tax amnesty programs generated revenues of more

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Cut the Red Tape When Entering a New or Growing Business Niche

By The Firm • Starting a business in today’s legal and regulatory landscape is not always easy or straightforward, especially when that business represents a new or growing niche in the marketplace in which our laws have yet to catch up. As part of our business advisory practice, we recently had the opportunity to help a client

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Shop Small, Make a Big Impact

 By The Firm • Today’s consumer environment is replete with big-box retail chains and multinational conglomerates. During the holiday shopping season, many of us are tempted to spend our money at these stores, forgetting that sometimes the very best bargains-both in terms of price and local impact-can be found at the myriad small businesses which pepper this

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The Entrepreneurial Spirit in the Shark Tank

By Gregory A. Dorsey • Last night I took the liberty of watching an old episode of the critically-acclaimed business-themed show, Shark Tank. According to the show’s website, the “Sharks” are “tough, self-made, multi-millionaire and billionaire tycoons” who made it big in their respective industries: Kevin O’Leary (Educational Software), Lori Greiner (Prolific Inventor), Barbara Corcoran (Real Estate), Robert

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Where’s My Paycheck?; Private Sector Pay During the Government Shutdown

By Darren H. Weiss • As of October 1, 2013, the United States federal government entered a partial shutdown, ceasing all nonessential activities as a consequence of Congress’s failure to pass a budget to fund the government. The most immediate and easily-foreseeable consequence of the shutdown has been the furloughing of hundreds of thousands of federal government

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I have business dealings and matters across the country and one law firm – Kelly Dorsey, P.C.

Michael B. Golden, Sr.

( President, StrikeForce and MG Marketing )

Through our entire business relationship you have been responsive and detail oriented which has allowed us to stay focused on our business and not get distracted with legal details.

Stephanie Runfola

( President, Subsurface Technologies, Inc. )

The Sunbeam family of companies acquires, sells, and manages franchised businesses throughout Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Since 2001, Gregory Dorsey has been our lead counsel in each transaction and business endeavor. He is a trusted part of our team.

Vijaykumar Padodara

( President, The Sunbeam Companies )

Thank you for your professional services. You have provided outstanding legal counsel. We have searched a long time to find an attorney that is trustworthy and dependable. We are very pleased to have you as a part of our team.

William Gereny

( President, Water Depot, Inc. )

Finding yourself in a situation that necessitates legal counsel is usually not a pleasant thing. The expertise provided by Greg Dorsey, however, provided me with a renewed feeling of strength and direction. Throughout the entire process, Greg was professional, wise and determined to get us a favorable outcome. He worked tirelessly, even sacrificing evening and weekend hours to deal with crucial elements of our case. I appreciated the time Greg took to answer my questions. He was always sure to inform me of the positives and negatives inherent to each of the legal paths open to us. Greg's legal knowledge is not only respectable, it is also difficult to surpass. Throughout the handling of our case, Greg's counsel was something I could put my faith in. He went above and beyond in legal details and timeliness in the case. In addition to being a qualified lawyer, Greg is a genuine, hard working family man who is patient and caring. Greg Dorsey was truly a pleasure to work with, and I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to have been represented by him.


( Northbrook, Illinois )

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